Wednesday, 28 November 2007

In The Wee Small Hours.

This is Polly. She looks cute and she is. However, she's a devil when it comes to catching mice. Since getting Henry, we lock the cats in at night. She of course, comes in when she likes and usually brings with her a mouse of some description. Since they can't be locked in downstairs anymore they are allowed upstairs. In our bedroom. And the mice come with her. Last night I was up at 3am chasing a sodding field mouse around the bedroom, under the bed and behind the curtains. Bloody cat just sits there and watches. What sort of cat is that, I ask you. Then I tip toe downstairs so as not to wake the dog to chuck the bugger out. I have got so fed up of this that I now chuck it out of the window. I know that sounds cruel, but believe me, when you're woken up in the middle of the night to the sounds of little scurrying feet, and cat in attack mode noises, it's the best I can do.
We've had pigeons in the kitchen pre-dog, lets hope we don't have one of those in the bedroom.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Edit, edit, EDIT!

I have now edited my chapter and slashed (not my writsts) but 2k of words. Lynne thought it might be a bit too long, having re-read it again I think she's right. Now of course, I still think it's too long at 4k, so editing some more. Ohgodohgodohgod! I feel myself spinning.

I have decided to keep Nikki (heroine) as she is, I love her, and really don't see much of a likeness to Bridget. I mean, lets face it, how many of us, faced with a hunky man who comes to your rescue can act in a calm and grown up way! I couldn't. I'd be just like Bridget, flustered and ditsy. Embarrassed as hell, but calm I wouldn't be able to manage.

I think you have to go with gut instinct with your characters.

When happy with edit may well post it and wait for your comments. Will I have to run under a bus. I hope not, not many around here.

Saturday, 24 November 2007


Well, here I am again, and in my jimjams, aaah! Bliss.... I have to say there is nothing better to wear. The next best thing is when I take all my make-up off. Now that is heaven. Oh, let's not forget sitting down with a very nice VAT, lots of ice and some chocolate. Yummy. :)

I am so knackered today. Having gone all over the place viewing cars. You see I have to change mine now that I have Henry, (much to husband's annoyance) and have been up and down the motorway like a mad woman. Finally I think I've decided.

Have had totally lazy week, done tiny bit of writing then got pissed off and went to crash in the lounge to watch 'Cranford' cos it's about Knutsford, where I live you see. It's been bliss, however, this week, I'll have to start with the self flagellation to keep me working.

Henry is starting to calm down. And zee knees are getting better, thank God! Though getting sick of him barking to wake me up, this will have to stop. It will, it will, it will!!

On another note, I'm afraid there isn't another note, how boring is my life!!!

Oh yes, I forgot, silly me, got appraisal back this week and was good, I was so pleased, had a few points but apparently writing is good, a natural talent, ha ha ha, about bloody time I say. Just have to iron out a couple of things and be more vigilant when editing. (Groan.) One thing that was mentioned was that my heroine is a little Bridget Jones like, ten years on. This I hadn't intended, and I'm told it's probably done and dusted now. So she'll have to calm down a bit. (Another groan, louder this time.)

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Bend zee knees!!!!

Today I cannot bend zee knees. They are so stiff I feel like a 9o year old woman. In fact, coming up the stairs this evening I said to hubby, blimey I think I need one of those bloody stair lifts! I do hope this constant need to bend for Henry doesn't continue for long.

Yesterday I went out for lunch with my dear friend Erika, yum, yum, haven't been out for yonks. Had huge plate full of spaghetti, (very yummy) and lovely fattening starter. The only thing missing was the wine, because I had to drive and pick the kids up afterwards.

It is now 8pm and I am in my jimjams, (my life is full of excitement) tired as hell and watching the clock till I can crash into bed. (Aren't you all jealous of all the fun and frolic in my life?)

Yesterday I braved and sent a partial to Lynne at Realwriters for her professional opinion. (Biting nails while I wait - yucky habit must stop it.) will keep you posted on results.

Ha ha ha!

Had to show you all this. I have a road in fashionable Rome named after little old me! I now, I now, they missed the 'S' off but you can't have everything.

Thanks for all the comments on my huge typing splurge. But I do have to tell you, when I re-read it the next day there were of course loads of silly mistakes and I had to cut out loads of dribble as well. So, even though I typed like a maniac, the essence of the story was down, it will now take me a couple of days of pulling out my hair trying to put it into some sensible order.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Another day in paradise! Not. Well maybe - depends how you look at it!!!

I have just read what Anni says about my blog, how good it is, and she compares it to Lane's! Now Lane's is good, mine, I think is well - a little slow, but hey, I'm new to this game, and I fully appreciate what you say Annie, thanks, hopefully it will get better and more interesting, ha ha ha!

As you can see from my last posted picture I like a drink, or two or maybe three depending on my mood, ha ha ha. Today I only had 2 small glasses of vino, sadly I went to my cupboard all excited to pour myself a luscious vodka only to find - horror of horrors - the bottle was empty!!! How can that be? I'm sure there was at least one shot left, maybe there's a secret vodka drinker lurking in my house that I don't know about, could it be Henry? Hmmm, quite possibly, he always looks pissed in the morning with those dopey eyes.

Yesterday I wrote 5k words in 2 hours, how good is that!!! Bloody amazing, really had the muse flowing at break neck speed obviously. But dammit, I had to stop to go pick up the kids, I was so frustrated when I had to shut my laptop off. And today I've had no time at all. What with the Dyson man coming to sort out my Dyson then having to go for an MOT, (not me my car - though I could do with one) then surprise, surprise, it was picking up time. Why can't they finish school at 5 or something. (Make mental note to write to Gordon Brown.)

Aah, huge sigh of relief because now I'm off to bed to read my Isabel Wolff book, and catch some shut eye, 10.30, this is unheard of for me, I used to crash into bed at 1am pre Henry, now however, the 6am wake up is way too much to handle late night bedtimes. Oh and by the way, might need some new knees soon, I'm only 42 and all this crawling on the floor playing with Henry is wasting them away. (Make mental note to see if more vodka might do the trick, I think it has calcium in it, doesn't it? Yes I'm sure it does, or is that the vodka talking? who knows, who cares?)
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
35 / 90

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
30 / 90

Message to self!


To say that I am truly knackered is to fib. I am f.... knackered. Having to get up early for Henry is killing me. And my knees are giving up the ghost because of all the bending. However, he is a little love, I keep telling myself, as I pass out in front of the telly ...again!

My novel is and has been since he arrived on the back boiler. Fortunately, this last week or so I have managed to steal some time and get stuck in. Having changed my heroine so many times I feel like I have a personality disorder. Despite all this she is now a "nice and warm" person. (I hope). Apparently, so I'm told, they have to be to be liked by publishers.

So, (taking a deep breath) I have now finished the first chapter (which I have edited beyond belief) and now continue to plough through the rest of the 30k words I have in black and white squirreled away in the computer.

Thankfully, I have a super friend (Erika) who reads for me, and tells me (I hope) if something is crap or crappy, or hugely crappy or maybe wonderful, fabulous and even possibly "Hey I enjoyed that - just watch the spelling boobs) which I sometimes make no matter how many times I read it through. Spelling blindness, I call it. What a drag. It doesn't happen often, just sometimes with stupid things like, soles and souls. Makes me laugh though, when they're pointed out. Dah! what a tit!

Stirring up the courage to post a little of said chapter to see what you guys think. Getting there slowly. Yikes! is that confidence I hear Mercedes? Bloody hell, hang on there girl, you'll be out of control soon. :)

I have now and have for a while posted a post-it, on my computer "USE FIVE SENSES" this is to remind me that whilst all this marvellous stuff is happening in my head, I have to remember to let reader now about it too. (so picky these readers.)

Sunday, 4 November 2007

This Henry, my little love. He's nearly 12 weeks old and is a perfect gent. Those eyes do it every time!

Well this is an exhausting time for me, what with my new puppy.
It's taken me ages to post this picture, now all I need is to get one of Henry (puppy) so you all can see.
I haven't had much time to write lately, but some sort of pattern is emerging and I seem able to get on now.
Though I think that my hubby is out of order saying that the pup stinks. He has a puppy smell, that's all, but he's so lovely I can't see how that can be an issue.
I don't think he's very impressed that we got him. Don't care anyhow. Kids and I love him to bits.
I want to congratulate Annie, (she knows who she is) for finishing her book, and I hope she finds and agent and a deal very soon, though I don't envy her submissions quest, harrowing I remember.
I am going to set myself a time frame to finish 'A Chance Encounter,' which is going to be March at the latest, if I put my mind to it I should get through it by then.
I want to thank Jane Wenham-Jones for starting her Wannabe chat room, which is fun and informative, and allows me to chat to fellow writers. Writing is a lonely job, especially when not many people know what it is you do. I find that unless you're published and you tell them, then they throw scorn at you as in "Who does she think she is!" I hope one day I can do the famous one finger salute to them all. (Here's hoping.)
As usual whenever I'm doing something for myself, one of my kids needs my much diverted attention. This time it's Charlotte having hurt her leg, last time it was my son Harry falling off his skateboard and saying he'd broken his arm, (all lies of course) just bruised it badly. I really think they should go drama school, the pair of them, their acting skills are beyond measure!!