Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Another day in paradise! Not. Well maybe - depends how you look at it!!!

I have just read what Anni says about my blog, how good it is, and she compares it to Lane's! Now Lane's is good, mine, I think is well - a little slow, but hey, I'm new to this game, and I fully appreciate what you say Annie, thanks, hopefully it will get better and more interesting, ha ha ha!

As you can see from my last posted picture I like a drink, or two or maybe three depending on my mood, ha ha ha. Today I only had 2 small glasses of vino, sadly I went to my cupboard all excited to pour myself a luscious vodka only to find - horror of horrors - the bottle was empty!!! How can that be? I'm sure there was at least one shot left, maybe there's a secret vodka drinker lurking in my house that I don't know about, could it be Henry? Hmmm, quite possibly, he always looks pissed in the morning with those dopey eyes.

Yesterday I wrote 5k words in 2 hours, how good is that!!! Bloody amazing, really had the muse flowing at break neck speed obviously. But dammit, I had to stop to go pick up the kids, I was so frustrated when I had to shut my laptop off. And today I've had no time at all. What with the Dyson man coming to sort out my Dyson then having to go for an MOT, (not me my car - though I could do with one) then surprise, surprise, it was picking up time. Why can't they finish school at 5 or something. (Make mental note to write to Gordon Brown.)

Aah, huge sigh of relief because now I'm off to bed to read my Isabel Wolff book, and catch some shut eye, 10.30, this is unheard of for me, I used to crash into bed at 1am pre Henry, now however, the 6am wake up is way too much to handle late night bedtimes. Oh and by the way, might need some new knees soon, I'm only 42 and all this crawling on the floor playing with Henry is wasting them away. (Make mental note to see if more vodka might do the trick, I think it has calcium in it, doesn't it? Yes I'm sure it does, or is that the vodka talking? who knows, who cares?)
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