Sunday, 11 November 2007

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30 / 90

Message to self!


To say that I am truly knackered is to fib. I am f.... knackered. Having to get up early for Henry is killing me. And my knees are giving up the ghost because of all the bending. However, he is a little love, I keep telling myself, as I pass out in front of the telly ...again!

My novel is and has been since he arrived on the back boiler. Fortunately, this last week or so I have managed to steal some time and get stuck in. Having changed my heroine so many times I feel like I have a personality disorder. Despite all this she is now a "nice and warm" person. (I hope). Apparently, so I'm told, they have to be to be liked by publishers.

So, (taking a deep breath) I have now finished the first chapter (which I have edited beyond belief) and now continue to plough through the rest of the 30k words I have in black and white squirreled away in the computer.

Thankfully, I have a super friend (Erika) who reads for me, and tells me (I hope) if something is crap or crappy, or hugely crappy or maybe wonderful, fabulous and even possibly "Hey I enjoyed that - just watch the spelling boobs) which I sometimes make no matter how many times I read it through. Spelling blindness, I call it. What a drag. It doesn't happen often, just sometimes with stupid things like, soles and souls. Makes me laugh though, when they're pointed out. Dah! what a tit!

Stirring up the courage to post a little of said chapter to see what you guys think. Getting there slowly. Yikes! is that confidence I hear Mercedes? Bloody hell, hang on there girl, you'll be out of control soon. :)

I have now and have for a while posted a post-it, on my computer "USE FIVE SENSES" this is to remind me that whilst all this marvellous stuff is happening in my head, I have to remember to let reader now about it too. (so picky these readers.)