Thursday, 15 November 2007

Bend zee knees!!!!

Today I cannot bend zee knees. They are so stiff I feel like a 9o year old woman. In fact, coming up the stairs this evening I said to hubby, blimey I think I need one of those bloody stair lifts! I do hope this constant need to bend for Henry doesn't continue for long.

Yesterday I went out for lunch with my dear friend Erika, yum, yum, haven't been out for yonks. Had huge plate full of spaghetti, (very yummy) and lovely fattening starter. The only thing missing was the wine, because I had to drive and pick the kids up afterwards.

It is now 8pm and I am in my jimjams, (my life is full of excitement) tired as hell and watching the clock till I can crash into bed. (Aren't you all jealous of all the fun and frolic in my life?)

Yesterday I braved and sent a partial to Lynne at Realwriters for her professional opinion. (Biting nails while I wait - yucky habit must stop it.) will keep you posted on results.

Ha ha ha!

Had to show you all this. I have a road in fashionable Rome named after little old me! I now, I now, they missed the 'S' off but you can't have everything.

Thanks for all the comments on my huge typing splurge. But I do have to tell you, when I re-read it the next day there were of course loads of silly mistakes and I had to cut out loads of dribble as well. So, even though I typed like a maniac, the essence of the story was down, it will now take me a couple of days of pulling out my hair trying to put it into some sensible order.