Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Edit, edit, EDIT!

I have now edited my chapter and slashed (not my writsts) but 2k of words. Lynne thought it might be a bit too long, having re-read it again I think she's right. Now of course, I still think it's too long at 4k, so editing some more. Ohgodohgodohgod! I feel myself spinning.

I have decided to keep Nikki (heroine) as she is, I love her, and really don't see much of a likeness to Bridget. I mean, lets face it, how many of us, faced with a hunky man who comes to your rescue can act in a calm and grown up way! I couldn't. I'd be just like Bridget, flustered and ditsy. Embarrassed as hell, but calm I wouldn't be able to manage.

I think you have to go with gut instinct with your characters.

When happy with edit may well post it and wait for your comments. Will I have to run under a bus. I hope not, not many around here.