Wednesday, 7 January 2009

After Christmas

Well, it's after Christmas and back to normal. I am stuffed and sick of the sight of Christmas pud. We had a quiet one this year, just parents and us 4. Mind you we nearly lost the Christmas dinner thanks to Henry (the retriever), who did a flying leap towards the lamb, lucky for us I am as nimble as a ninja and was able to leap faster, grabbing it out of harms way. Poor mite was salivating at the thought of what he'd nearly caught. For good attempt he got his Christmas dinner too.

The rest of the holidays went by in late mornings and chilling watching the telly or reading, eating, walking the dog and then more chilling and watching the telly and or reading.

Since kids have gone back to school I have knuckled down to clean the house, which has been neglected with all the chilling and watching telly. Now I need a rest, phew that was hard.

The most disturbing thing happening at the moment is ...I fear I am going off booze. Yes you read it right, going off booze. I have no idea why, and no for those of you about to say it, I am not frigging preggas. I keep trying to drink but manage about two mouthfuls then think yuck. Is this a medical emergency? I have thought of racing down to the local ED (casualty) but then I think it might pass. It hasn't yet, hell, the thought of no booze, is a bad thought. I mean, who is going to drink all my vodka stashed in my cupboard? No, I am not going to give it away. That is unthinkable, besides, this illness may pass and when it does, what will I drink?

Well that's your lot for this entry, need to go do a test and see if still hostile towards the drink.