Saturday, 24 November 2007


Well, here I am again, and in my jimjams, aaah! Bliss.... I have to say there is nothing better to wear. The next best thing is when I take all my make-up off. Now that is heaven. Oh, let's not forget sitting down with a very nice VAT, lots of ice and some chocolate. Yummy. :)

I am so knackered today. Having gone all over the place viewing cars. You see I have to change mine now that I have Henry, (much to husband's annoyance) and have been up and down the motorway like a mad woman. Finally I think I've decided.

Have had totally lazy week, done tiny bit of writing then got pissed off and went to crash in the lounge to watch 'Cranford' cos it's about Knutsford, where I live you see. It's been bliss, however, this week, I'll have to start with the self flagellation to keep me working.

Henry is starting to calm down. And zee knees are getting better, thank God! Though getting sick of him barking to wake me up, this will have to stop. It will, it will, it will!!

On another note, I'm afraid there isn't another note, how boring is my life!!!

Oh yes, I forgot, silly me, got appraisal back this week and was good, I was so pleased, had a few points but apparently writing is good, a natural talent, ha ha ha, about bloody time I say. Just have to iron out a couple of things and be more vigilant when editing. (Groan.) One thing that was mentioned was that my heroine is a little Bridget Jones like, ten years on. This I hadn't intended, and I'm told it's probably done and dusted now. So she'll have to calm down a bit. (Another groan, louder this time.)