Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Synopsis as promised.

For an MS of around 80-100,000 words, an author would be expected to restrict their proposal, or outline, to around two to 2.5 pages of single spaced typing.

1. Introduce the setting and the title. One sentence should cover where and when the story takes place (it doesn't necessarily have to be your first sentence, which needs to be as exciting and intriguing as you can make it, in order to draw the reader in).
2. Introduce your main characters by name, age, career, character etc. You should also, briefly, introduce and essential minor characters. A couple of paragraphs on each of these elements is sufficient.
3. Add a further paragraph detailing family, background etc., if these have bearing on the plot as a whole.
4. Try to establish the basics of the plot as economically, buy as clearly, as possible.
5. What is special about your novel? You should try to demonstrate to the editor what makes your story more appealing than all the hundreds of others she may have received that week.
6. Conflict: What and why is the problem which is keeping your hero and heroine apart?
7. Include short outlines of some important scenes. By important, I mean those scenes which change the direction of the plot and mark a step forward in the hero's and heroine's relationship.
8. The ebb and flow of the action: The coming together of the hero and heroine, then moving apart throughout the plot. The whys and wherefores.
9. The catalyst: As you near the end of the manuscript what is that makes your hero and heroine decide that they belong together?
10. The climax: Allow your reader a good. Romantic 'wallow' in the happiness of these two people they have come to care about.
11. The tie up: Make sure that all the loose ends are tidied away and that the reader is satisfied and can't wait to read your next novel.

Okay guys, I hope this information is helpful.