Sunday, 4 November 2007

This Henry, my little love. He's nearly 12 weeks old and is a perfect gent. Those eyes do it every time!

Well this is an exhausting time for me, what with my new puppy.
It's taken me ages to post this picture, now all I need is to get one of Henry (puppy) so you all can see.
I haven't had much time to write lately, but some sort of pattern is emerging and I seem able to get on now.
Though I think that my hubby is out of order saying that the pup stinks. He has a puppy smell, that's all, but he's so lovely I can't see how that can be an issue.
I don't think he's very impressed that we got him. Don't care anyhow. Kids and I love him to bits.
I want to congratulate Annie, (she knows who she is) for finishing her book, and I hope she finds and agent and a deal very soon, though I don't envy her submissions quest, harrowing I remember.
I am going to set myself a time frame to finish 'A Chance Encounter,' which is going to be March at the latest, if I put my mind to it I should get through it by then.
I want to thank Jane Wenham-Jones for starting her Wannabe chat room, which is fun and informative, and allows me to chat to fellow writers. Writing is a lonely job, especially when not many people know what it is you do. I find that unless you're published and you tell them, then they throw scorn at you as in "Who does she think she is!" I hope one day I can do the famous one finger salute to them all. (Here's hoping.)
As usual whenever I'm doing something for myself, one of my kids needs my much diverted attention. This time it's Charlotte having hurt her leg, last time it was my son Harry falling off his skateboard and saying he'd broken his arm, (all lies of course) just bruised it badly. I really think they should go drama school, the pair of them, their acting skills are beyond measure!!