Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Just more jibber-jabber.

I have been writing in the early hours of the morning, say about 5.30, like Annie, it feels wonderful and I'm so fresh that I can rattle on and produce some good stuff, especially after I have had a strong coffee. I get up at this time more due to the fact that my cats now come and wake me up for food by one of them, sitting on my head, and the other one, bashing me on my arm with his paw.

The paranormal book is steaming ahead and I'm very pleased with it, I have to say that in the 5 years I've been writing, my writing has changed thank god! Hee hee, when you look back you have to laugh - or shoot yourself. I laughed. When I sent that book out, an agent in America loved it but and there is the dreaded but, told me that I needed to develop the plot a lot more, but that the story was great and I shouldn't find any problems finding an agent or publisher - so why didn't she wait for me to do this???? Agents, god they can be strange people.

Anyhow, I have developed the plot, now that I read it I can see it was a tiny bit complicated, so I have shaved tons off it and neatened it up, I hope it will work. The problem I have come across now, is that my heroine has 2 guys after her and she wants them both!!! I'm wondering if this might make her a little slutty? What do you lot think? I think the only way round this, might be to add a bit of rom/com to it, which it wasn't before, that way she works.

For all you writers out there, especially women, don't you find it funny that we can fabricate such wonderful heroes in our books, who in real life do not exist, it makes me wonder how unsatisfied women are with the John Doe's of this world.

On another note, my mother in law is staying for 4 days. And ............. but............... well ................ and you can guess the rest! She's okay really, but she favours one of the children more and shows it, and this gets on my nerves, but I don't say anything, well I do sometimes and it's often laced with tangy lemon juice to really sting.

I haven't been able to write while she is here, cos she doesn't know about it, she would have caustic comments to make when not getting published, and when I get up early so does she. So my brain is buzzing and overheating with stuff that needs to come out. I think I will have to disappear today, upstairs in to the bedroom and write and pretend I have a monster headache and can't be disturbed.

I spoke to an old friend the other day, actually she rang me for my birthday, which most of you missed, she lives in southern Ireland. She has been there for 20yrs and asks every year for us to go over. And every year we say we will and we don't. BUT this year, I think I might go over on my own and have a jolly long weekend. Problem is she used to and maybe still does drink like a fish, and I can't anymore, I can't cope with the headaches in the morning, so I might take an intravenous drip with me to keep me hydrated. I can always shove it up my jumper - I will have to wear a big baggy jumper won't I!!!


Frankies' Cornish Farmyard Ramblings said...

You should do what his nibs does here, just ignore her, he manages everyday to ignore the children which means I am the wurling dervish at the end of each day and he slops off for his pint or two everynight without a care in the world! Would love to slope of for peace and quiet but hard to even go to the loo in our caravan without disturbing everyone! Glad to see you here again.

Anonymous said...

You early-birds, I don't know how you do it. It's great to hear that you're writing well and enjoying it too. I love it when that happens, though it's been a while now.

The plot sounds intriguing: two guys for the girl eh? I think it will add spice, rather than make it "slutty". I would say that though, I have this Y chromosome thingy. If the characterisation is anything like it was in GotR, then I think it will be a fun read. The supernatural element will, quite possibly, add what was missing to make it really stand out.

Good luck with it, whatever genre(s) it end up in. Keep us posted.

Annieye said...

Belated happy birthday wishes, Mercedes. Isn't it just the best kept secret in the writing world? Well, not a secret, just the best tip ever.

I KNOW I write at my very best between four and seven am. I'm sharper; honed; ready to go. I don't have to set an alarm or anything. I just naturally wake up at just before four am now.

I can easily write 2k words or even more at this time of day, and yet if I try and write in the evenings when I've been at work all day, I struggle to get 300 or so written and it feels like hard work. In the early mornings it is so much more pleasurable to write.

Does Henry sit with you? My labradors go out in the garden, then have milk when I make my cup of tea, and then lay on my feet.

I put VH1 on the TV, really low, so I've got some music too.

Well done on the progress. Keep at it and enjoy the writing for its own sake. Don't fall into the trap I did, and get so tangled up in the other side of things (publication) that you lose sight of why we do this: because we love it.

So sending cyber hugs at (looks at clock) 4.06 am on Saturday morning!

Anonymous said...

I admire you and Annieye for getting up sp early to write. Sounds like you are doing really well.
Hope you had a Happy Birthday and you are brave having mother in law to stay, I would never in a million years :)

Anonymous said...

btw, I dont think liking 2 people makes her slutty. Its surprising some of the secrets that I have been told!

autiej said...

It is so exciting to hear about your writing processes, and it makes me want to dig out my dusty partial-manuscripts and get started again!

I just wanted to let you know that if you finish your manuscript and come to a point where you need a copy editor to polish it, I would be glad to help. My rates are only $1 a page - ALWAYS, and I have a lot of experience in writing and copy editing.

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